The Coachbuilt Journey Begins

Remarkably well crafted, elegant, and balanced, Coachbuilt represents a super-premium blend of two worlds - the worlds of luxury vehicles and high-end whisky, tied together by their unique craft and detailed creation.

Born from the desire to showcase the parallels between the worlds of high-end automobiles and of premium whisky, Coachbuilt draws on the shared values of craftsmanship and engineering to introduce luxury and elegance to blended whisky.

Aligning with the philosophy of coachbuilding, Coachbuilt is engineered through the amalgamation of expertly selected whiskies from the five different regions of Scotland to create an exquisite blend.


The connection between the art of engineering a premium, balanced blended whisky and the timeless craft of coachbuilding is typified by the partnership of Coachbuilt's founders and CEO George Koutsakis and brand ambassador Jenson Button.

Jenson Button, a bone-fide master of Formula 1 racing and motorsport in general, naturally fulfilled the role of representing the brand that championed engineering expertise at the most premium level. Together with George Koutsakis's exceptional whisky knowledge and years industry experience, they formed a partnership that is geared up to race out of the blocks to bring Coachbuilt to life.


The result is Coachbuilt Whisky: a wonderfully balanced and integrated blend of flavours and textures – a whisky that kindles interest in both whisky lovers and non-whisky drinkers alike.

We have honed our blending process to an artform which produces a balanced, elegant blended whisky. This unique blend is finished in premium Sherry casks, to add extra layers of depth and complexity.

"Both coachbuilding and whisky blending require numerous components from different producers, both need extreme skill and expertise to be put together, and both need continuous refining to turn in to something beautiful."
- George Koutsakis, founder and CEO
The Coachbuilt Way
We believe in the art and craft that goes into creating something special. From cars, to whisky, the engineering and structure will define the quality of the final product and we carry this belief from start to finish. Each and every component is of the utmost importance, and piecing them together, whether liquid or metal, takes extreme skill and craftsmanship.
The Finish Line
We want the world of whisky lovers as well as non-whisky drinkers to appreciate the skill that goes into creating a great blended whisky. The quality and balance of Coachbuilt Whisky will lead the way in shifting long-held assumptions about blended whisky and open up a new chapter for the category.
Meet the Founders
George Koutsakis

A recognised spirits and whisky expert and writer, George understands the global whisky industry like no other. Reporting and writing on the whisky world for titles including Forbes, Financial Times, Food & Wine, and many others, George has watched the world of luxury whisky evolve. He has worked with auction houses in Hong Kong, traded whisky as an investment across the globe, and consulted for some of the world's largest whisky brands during his time in both Japan and Europe. There was no better time for him to bring Coachbuilt Whisky to life; at a time when whisky investment is at an all time high. A time when the worlds of luxury collectibles are coming closer and closer together.

Jenson Button
For decades, Jenson Button has been an icon of Formula One Racing and of motor racing as a whole. His commitment to his craft, his dedication to achieving excellence and his integrity in representing his sport aligned perfectly with the values and vision of Coachbuilt.